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Endah Nyambi – President, Secretariats – FAPO UNION

Endah Nyambi – President, Secretariats

EdnaPhone: (301) 905-2394

I’m a wife and mother of 3kids who migrated to the US in 2002 from West Africa. America is called the land of great opportunities, and we all are here to make that a reality. I have learned to earn my rewards from this society and will also encourage you to work for what you desire. Sometimes the jobs we do fail to provide us with the most needed satisfaction we earnestly work towards. That was my plight for many years as a security officer, who left my home and family every day to make sure I safeguard the lives of others who barely knew who I was. It was a conscious commitment of service and I worked towards that goal diligently, praying that everyone returns home safely every day. With such dedication, didn’t I deserve to have job security and job satisfaction? That is your plight too, I guess!!!

Working as a security officer, I had the opportunity to experience the agony in “job satisfaction”. As a security officer for many years, I saw how ‘unsecure’ a security officer’s job became in the absence of a “good union”. I became a member and your FAPO representative to help challenge this myth. We the Fraternity of American Protective Officers are determined to change the mindset of officers, thereby ensuring everyone smiles positively and takes back home a heart of gratitude for the services they provide. This is a hard job, and unless you have been there, you will never know what officers endure as they work to ensure that everyone is safe in the heat of terrorism. I have been there for many years and I share your struggles!

We have gotten into an era where union information prowess is a key differentiator of who can provide the goods and who just wants to earn the goods. Security officers have lost faith in most unions because they always make promises but never follow-up with positive actions in times of need. Within the ranks and files of all covered sites, we dutifully commit to represent all officers in matters relating to wages, benefit negotiations, individual rights and privileges and all other work related issues governed under our Bylaws. As a team, we will collaborate in one spirit to ensure that we dutifully provide professionalism in our daily duties, abiding to all employers’ laws and regulations governing our work ethics.

I have moved on to the IT field, working as a migration specialist with LEIDOS (AMYX). This does not mean that I’m far away from the realities that security officers face on a day-to-day basis. I was there for many years, and the more reason why I believe that a union like FAPO can help bring smiles to officers faces again!!! Let us know your concerns, let’s all talk like one people, then we can all make the right decisions!!! We cannot work and succeed without you coming to the table with us. Let’s work together to stop the daily struggles of “insecurity” in the lives of security officers. WE All Deserve Better!!!