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Charles Omoregbee – International President – FAPO UNION

Charles Omoregbee – International President

CharlesOPhone: 301.335.3934

In presentation of myself, I would rather talk about you the proficient employee who needs our unrelenting representation.

A well trained officer who went through all and every training orientations and inductions. Your discipline speaks of excellence, not just in training, but also in the professional conduct of your calling, dispensing performance next to none in terms of the duties and assignments you are apportioned to.
You stand in thick and thin, resisting harsh, opposing, and overwhelming conditions just to ensure a seamless, flawless service to those you work to protect; they, their families and friends.
Haven’t you been there, staying on duty when it was excruciatingly hot? Haven’t you held on tight when it was wet, raining and storming? Were you not always there most times when duty called in the snow and inclement weather, daring the risks of such times? Haven’t you run in the direction of perils while others were moving in opposite direction?

Can we be oblivious of the infallible truth that every time you stand on post, you actually put your life on the line of any possible danger and devastation that could negatively hamper your entire life if not cut it off altogether? This you do to perfect and save the lives of those you are hired to serve. This is who you are.

Repeatedly, in intermittent intervals, you revisit all trainings as recertification requirements demand. We cannot forget the ever-increasing standards of adjudication. And lest I forget, the now expanding physical fitness tests which are observedly incongruent with the shrinking jurisdiction of service. All these pile up indescribable pressure and stress on you the protective officer.
With all the above, only to turn around and have the employer slice your pie in many ways that are disheartening and repressive. Your pie goes leaner even with more dedicated effort you put at the performance of your duties. The rate of the upward review of your wage, ‘Benefits’ and ‘condition of service’ has not been commensurate with the time, commitment and a sense of calling that you bring to bear.

Most, if not all the labor organizations that serve your industry, on the other, have not made your lot better. They have promised tremendous fight to protect the three-pronged core interests of; Wages, Benefits and Conditions of Service. Every time you have voted them to represent you, they got hooked with your employers in an unwholesome marriage instead. They struck sweetheart deals with your employers in which they gained, they company profited and you lost.
This is your story and this is who you are. I share your predicament. Your story is my. It is indeed our story too. My team and I have been exactly where you are. We shared your hopes and aspirations. We expected better things, and every time, we got cheated on both sides and we went under.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that “you are either part of the problem or a part of the solution.” In considering the options in King’s statement, we chose to be the solution, so we can put an end to this age-long-problem – This culture of swindling and cheating, being used and abused. We want to be able to make you, the hardworking professional, look away from seasons of schemes and neglects. We believe in that age-long ideology that “because you work hard for your money, you better be treated right.”
Please join us, wrap your hands around our vision; be a force behind our mission, and let’s reach to great height of lasting and splendid goal.
Sign up with us; vote FAPO as your exclusive bargaining representative and give us a chance to prove that we are “a voice to the voiceless”, and that we mean what we say, and we say what we mean.